Passionate about meaning and technology


I am a knowledgeable Semantic Architect with a background in Semantic Web Technologies, Computational Linguistics, and enthusiasm for AI at large who can help to turn your data into knowledge and put it to the best use.

My experience comprises software engineering, academic research, advisory, data governance, and information architecture, which enables me to provide high-end skills for reaching original solutions.

I also care about building tools that are genuinely useful and pleasant to interact with.

Founder of

A company that helps to organise, access and enact knowledge by using the newest technologies.


Semantic Web and Linked open Data

Integrating both external and internal data, no matter where it lives, allows it to be linked, shared, and reused across applications, enterprises, and community boundaries. Based on profound experience, I can support organisations to optimize their core business activities. My solutions are built on the Linked Data stack, open-source software, and open standards.


Natural Language Processing

Unlocking the information from the unstructured data (documents, emails, customer reviews, etc.) by a wide variety of text mining and information retrieval methods can open new and quite dramatic horizons for businesses. Using a wide variety of text processing technologies, I can support organisations to unleash the potential of their unstructured data and discover new ways of answering difficult questions.

Let’s Start Something new

Just drop me a line at eugen (at) meaningfy (dot) ws.